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Help Center

Help Center

For beginners, we recommend the niche store as it contains multiple winning products and it will be easier to test multiple products in the same niche, in addition, you have the upsell advantage to get a higher average order value if you use upsell. And in case if at the first ads trial, a product doesn't get the expected you can test another product from your store without adding any other product in the store.
One product store is still a very good option, with the niche store, you statistically have a higher chance of success.

Yes, of course, we proudly showcase our work.

Here's an example of one product store: Password: phacki there's any issue logging in please feel free to contact us.

Absolutely, we proudly show our work. Please check the following link to see a few video and thumbnail samples. (Actual videos has no watermark on it)

Video Ads Samples

We use Shopify as it is one of the most common platforms for eCommerce stores and is widely customizable.

Most of the products, in the beginning, are shipped from China, in many cases, the products are already available in the US or European warehouses.
As soon as the sales start pouring in, we recommend our clients to contact the seller and negotiate a deal with them about the shipping and branding, as the end goal is always creating a long-lasting brand.

You can contact us via email or via Facebook or Instagram pages.

Order management initially is done with Oberlo but as soon as the sales start pouring in, we recommend our clients to contact the seller and negotiate a deal with them about the shipping and branding, as the end goal is always creating a long-lasting brand. As soon as you negotiate a deal with the seller they'll provide you the access to the specific app downloadable for FREE from the Shopify app store.

Our marketing team is constantly searching for the next big hitter products based on many criteria developed during recent years. All those products are not yet mainstream so there's potentially a huge market for them.

We have helped thousands of entrepreneurs to start their online businesses, it is not rocket science, with a little bit of effort and grit anyone can do it!

All business entails risk as well as massive and consistent effort and action. But taking calculated risks brings in the results.

Yes! All the stores we make are ready and optimised for both mobile and desktop.

Once you placed the order, you will receive an order confirmation email.

After that, our professional team of programmers and designers will create your store in 2-3 business days. 

Once finished, we will hit up via email with all the details. 

Yes! Each and every store we make is unique and custom-made for specific products and keeping in mind your success.

Every store contains unique products.
Once you placed the order, we will contact you via email asking you to complete a form. After that, you will be contacted via Skype by your dedicated Facebook ads manager and you will start working together. 

Yes, if you buy our Facebook ads management, we will help you set up and optimize the ads every 3-4 days during the whole period of coverage of your package. But the ads budget is on you. You should add your card directly on Facebook without sharing any information with us.

Regarding the budget, the bigger the better. We recommend having at least a $50/day ad budget to test a product for 5-7 days.

Once you placed the order, we will contact you via email asking you to complete a form. After once you are ready to start, you will be contacted via Skype by your designated Facebook ads manager and you will start working together.

Your ads will be optimized every 3-4 days for the whole period of time you choose during your order placement. We strongly suggest to choose at least 4 weeks so we have more time to optimise your ads and give you feedbacks :)

In order to speed up the onboarding process, we ask you to prepare the following:

  • Edit and customise the product page copywriting, product variant names etc. to align it with your own vision of your future brand
  • Adjust the pricing keeping in mind the shipping costs (use USA shipping costs for example), product cost, your profit margin and the market price of the product and discounts
  • Set up a quantity break app from the Shopify app store on your product page ex. Buy 1 get 10% off buy 2 get 15% off
  • Remove any password and place a test order
  • Create a Facebook and Instagram page for your website and post some content about it
  • Create a Facebook business manager - check this video
  • Set up Facebook pixel on your website - check this video
  • Connect Facebook and Instagram page to you Facebook Business Manager 
  • Create an ad creative and a few variants (better if video ad)
  • Write an ad copy for you ad 
  • Have an ad budget in mind, minimum $50/day is recommended, the more the better 

Once you are all done, submit this form and you'll be contacted by your dedicated Facebook ads manager in 1-2 days to start creating the ads. All the communication will occur via Skype. 

Once you placed an order, you will be contacted via email and asked to share the link of the product you would want the videos about. After that, we will take from 1 to 3 business days to edit the videos and deliver them to you 

Our PDF list is updated on a biweekly basis. So there's no risk of saturated products.

Once you complete the order, you will be able to download the pdf straight from the order completion page. We will also send you an email with the PDF file, just in case you miss it. Please check your spam folder as well.

Easy peasy :) 

Once we deliver your store, there are a few things you should do as a business owner. Here's a list of things we recommend you to do:

  • Change your store address and phone number to your own. You don’t need to have a business already registered at this moment but as soon as you start getting some traction you might be required to consult your local accountant to get it sorted out as laws vary from location to location.

  • Add a payment method. We recommend you to create a Stripe and/or Paypal account as they accept all the major credit/debit cards. 

  • Remove the password from your store and go online. (Here’s how:

  • Check your prices and profit margins in case you want to sell in a small geographic area like only the US or EU or Australia. By default, we set up your store for international shipping from China. Feel free to change the prices and the sellers, if this is not your case.

  • Even though we make sure that every store we deliver, respects our standard, double-check your product page for any typos or spelling mistakes. (Here’s how to edit it: Go to your Shopify dashboard -> products, choose the product and edit the description.

  • Create discount codes: Create a 95% discount code and place a test order and check if the payment gateway is working fine.

  • Learn how to fulfil the order: check Dsers app in the apps section or otherwise, place it directly on Aliexpress.

  • Create a Facebook and Instagram page for your business and post some content. In the beginning, you can post the images/video from the internet about your products, and slowly once you start making sales, you can ask your customers to send you some testimonial videos/images which you can use on social media.

Go to Settings>Store Details>Edit and add the new email address.