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Case Study: From Zero To 1 Million Dollars With Dropshipping

Written by Veronica C. , Imperial Ecom Team

Published on February 1, 2024

Dropshipping is often misunderstood, wrapped in myths of saturation, steep learning curves, and high start-up costs. However, the truth is far from this. With the right approach, dropshipping is a vibrant, accessible avenue to ecommerce success, requiring minimal upfront investment and no previous experience.

Why Most People Fail At Dropshipping

Dropshipping isn't inherently difficult, but many falter due to fundamental oversights. A successful store hinges on several key elements:

Wrong Product and Offer: Selecting the wrong product is a recipe for failure. It sets a challenging course from the start, making every step thereafter more difficult. Success in dropshipping begins with the right product that demands attention and drives sales.

Poorly Designed Store: A poorly designed store fails to instill trust and credibility among potential customers. First impressions are crucial; a site that looks amateurish or uninviting will struggle to convert visitors into buyers, regardless of the product quality.

Non-Psychology Based Video Ads: In today's attention economy, capturing and maintaining attention is paramount. Video ads lacking psychological appeal result in higher costs for less engaged traffic. Effective ads must instantly captivate and retain viewer interest.

Not Having a Team Working for You: Solo navigating the complex world of dropshipping amplifies challenges. Without a seasoned team, the burden of managing all aspects of the business can quickly become overwhelming, detracting from efficiency and growth.

Start your successful dropshipping business today, we can help!

I Want Success With Dropshipping


1. The Right Product = Success

Identifying the right product is pivotal in the dropshipping realm, where success hinges on offering solutions that address the clients' most pressing needs. A winning product is one that not only solves a deeply rooted problem but also possesses the inherent potential to go viral on social media, leveraging the power of digital word-of-mouth. 


Moreover, it's essential that this product not only mirrors the success of its predecessors in solving similar issues but also surpasses them in efficiency and effectiveness.

At Imperial Ecom, our rigorous product selection process involves extensive testing of hundreds of items, ensuring that only those with current market traction and proven sales records make it into our pre-made stores. This meticulous approach is the cornerstone behind the success stories of countless clients, showcasing our commitment to providing ready-to-sell, high-demand products that set our entrepreneurs on the path to financial triumph.

2. Using Branded Stores to Skyrocket Sales

Successful dropshipping starts with a great store design. It’s all about making your visitors trust your brand and feel confident buying from you. The right colors can affect how potential customers see your store, making them more likely to buy. High-quality photos of your products and positive customer reviews also play a big part in getting more sales.


At Imperial Ecom, we’ve used our years of experience to create store designs that do just this. Our stores are easy on the eyes and designed to help you sell more, showing you our commitment to helping you succeed in dropshipping.

3. Capture Attention to Make Sales with Video Ads

In today's fast-paced online world, making a sale often starts with capturing your audience's attention, particularly through video ads. It’s essential to create ads that not only grab attention quickly but also spark a genuine interest and desire for the product. This process leans heavily on understanding basic psychological principles that dictate consumer behaviour. 

The initial part of your ad, known as the hook, is incredibly crucial. It's your first and sometimes only chance to draw viewers in and establish a meaningful connection with your product.

By integrating proven marketing psychology tactics, we can craft video ads that do more than just inform; they resonate on a deeper level, compelling viewers to move from mere interest to actual purchase. These strategies are key to transforming casual viewers into committed buyers, leveraging the power of psychology to enhance your ad's impact.

4. Having a Team Behind Your Dream

Running a dropshipping store is much easier and more successful when you have a good team helping you. This team takes care of big jobs like making and running ads, which lets you focus on keeping your customers happy and growing your store. 


When you have people who know what they're doing handling these important tasks, you can spend more time on the parts of your business that need your attention, like making sure your customers have a great experience and finding ways to make your store even better.

Working together with a team means you can achieve your business goals faster and more efficiently, making the dream of a successful dropshipping business a reality.

Start your successful dropshipping business today, we can help!

I Want Success With Dropshipping

After Generating 5 Million in Ecom, We Crafted the Perfect Stores

Our stores are optimized for peak performance, featuring hot-selling products, high-converting designs, and all essentials for a smooth dropshipping start. They're the culmination of lessons learned from generating over 5 million in ecom, designed to spare you the hassle and accelerate your success.

  • Proven-to-sell product

  • High converting design

  • Premium Imperial Theme

  • Ready in 48 hours

  • High-converting description

  • Free bonuses included

  • If you don't make a sale in 3 months, we will refund you

  • Save money by testing the right product straight away

  • Save 15+ hours by letting us do the hard work for you

  • No tech skills required

  • Ready-to-sell

  • No previous experience needed

  • 24/7 support, we are here for you

3 Month of no sales = Full refund. This is our confident we are!

Yes I want a store right now


Took Time (and Money) But It Was Worth It

At Imperial Ecom, we bring to the table five solid years of in-depth ecommerce experience, combined with thorough testing of countless products. Our journey has allowed us to perfect the art of creating online stores that are not just stores, but data-driven masterpieces. Each store is carefully put together, focusing on every little aspect to ensure success. We meticulously select each product, design the layout of the pages, and write product descriptions with one goal in mind: to boost your sales. Our approach is rooted in a deep understanding of what works in the ecommerce world. This means every element of your store, from the way products are showcased to the colors we use, is designed to increase how many visitors turn into buyers. With Imperial Ecom, you're not just opening an online store; you're setting the stage for unmatched sales success.


It's (Very) Easy To Get Started 

🚀 Step 1: Select the store you want to start with

Could be one product store, niche store or general store. The only difference between then is the number of winning products that you will find inside them. One winning product in the one product store, twenty in the niche store andd thirty in the general store.

✅ Step 2: Place your order

Once we received your order, we wll strat workinig on it right away. After 24 to 48 hours you will receive your premium high converting dropshipping store.

📈Step 3: Start making sales 

This is pretty self explenatory ;)


Yes I want to start risk-free

✔️ Our Guarantee: If you don't make sales in 3 months 

we will give you a full refund


Only proven-to-sell products

High-converting stores

24 - 48 Hours delivery

24/7 Support

Free bonused included

5 Years of exprience

Strong guarantee

Ai Powered Dropshipping

Imperial eCom

Other Brands

🏆The Proof Is In The Pudding

Our clients achieve results, like Cheri that reached $4K/day, Helen that reached $2K/day and Charles that reached $1K/day.


What are our clients say about us

Amazing Support!

The support I am getting so far from Imperial Ecom is second to none. Sarah A from the Customer Support Team has been really amazing. I always get a prompt reply or resolution on all my queries and issues. My ecom website is now looking fantastic and is ready to launch. I am very excited to start working with my ads manager and hoping for great results all the way.

David Alaba

Verified Buyer

Absolutely an outstanding company

Absolutely an outstanding company! The support is to die for, haven’t experienced anything like this before, and the products… WOW!
This is where you change your life to quit your 9-5 job!
Thank you again!

Serena Gon

Verified Buyer

Mind Blowing!

I am really surprised at their swiftness. In less than 24hrs I was already assigned an ads manager, and in less than 48hrs my 3 ads videos were made. WOW I’m very impressed and look forward to what the future brings with imperial ecom.

Rayul Mike

Verified Buyer

Outstanding communication and customer service

From the purchase of the package of store and 4 weeks of Facebook ad management, The imperial Ecom team have been outstanding from the beginning through to the Facebook ad management setup. Sarah A was my first point of contact and answered every question and concern I had regarding purchasing the package. The store I purchased looks great and is everything they said it would be. Then paired with my ad manager Mauro who has had clear and effective communication with me to ensure the ads are setup and running correctly. I’ve yet to see any sales come through 1 day into running ads. Hopefully the products the store is built with are winning and the ad management continues to bring success with the store.

Anna Chirstin

Verified Buyer


What makes us different

Imperial eCom Stores

Only proven-to-sell products

High-converting stores

24 - 48 Hours delivery

24/7 Support

Free bonused included

5 Years of exprience

Strong guarantee

Other Competitors

Random products

Poorly designed stores

Slow delivery

Bad support

No extra resources

Little to no ecom experience

No guarantee

Yes I want to start risk-free

3 Month of no sales = Full refund. This is our confident we are!

Yes I want a store right now


What will happen after my order?

As soon as we receive your order, we will start working straight away. After 24 to 48 hours we will deliver your store to your email.

What if I need any help after I received the store?

We are online 24/7. You can send an email to or send us a message on our Instagram and Facebook Page.

What if I don't like the product I'm given?

No worries about that. You can simply get back to us and we can change it free of charge. 

What if I don't have any experience in ecommerce?

We are here for that. Simply email us at and we will gladly help with every big or small doubt you might have. We are here to help!

What if I don't make any sale after 3 months?

You can simply contact us, we are going to look into it together and if our store did not work for whatever reason, we will either give you another one for free or fully refund you purchase. Thanks!

I want to start dropshipping